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Elect a Public Party Candidate for Mayor 2011

Elect a Public Party Candidate for Mayor 2011

“Happiness is as happiness does.”

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Elect a Public Party Candidate for Mayor 2011 This is my 1st meeting with this group, The Libertarians. I was not sure what to expect.I became a libertarian during Reagan’s, 1st presidential race.I was living in Hollywood Cal, at the time, working on my movie star/musicological career /Scientology/Krishna training, while going to l.a.c.c.(Los Angles city college) ,as a disabled Viet Nam *era army veteran, studying theater /law. Oh yes, The meeting was better than great. Everyone was very respectful of each other, showing the interesting overall, higher reality of belief, in the overwhelming, group think, that visible dramatize chance is needed in our day to day affairs, in our city and country. For a more dutiful ex-stinted family, “luminescence of being” in need. These people need the help of all that, regardless of races, religions, or wherewithal or current Political beliefs can help. Our city is past the beginnings of a…

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Motorists whizzed past on all sides and from all directions. Some even drove backwards. If we hadn’t perfected the art of crossing seemingly rule-defying traffic on the streets of Hanoi we might still be trapped there. Of course here on a Saturday night in downtown Cancun, Mexico, only several miles but still a world away […]

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Indianapolis Home Show, Jan. 20-29, 2017 @HomeShowIND — Around Indy

By Tiffany Whisner On behalf of the Indianapolis Home Show THE 95th ANNUAL INDIANAPOLIS HOME SHOW FACT SHEET WHAT: The Indianapolis Home Show is the nation’s oldest and the Midwest’s largest home-focused extravaganza with more than 900 exhibit spaces. Now in its 95th year, the Home Show offers thousands of products, decorating, construction and remodeling ideas […]

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A letter to my fellow motorists this winter

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I’ve written posts in the past about winter driving and winter tires, but I don’t think I’ve ever felt the urge to scream it at the top of my lungs to the masses as I do this year. This “Polar Vortex” that’s been terrorizing the south, midwest and east coast has shed new light on most motorists’ inability to travel safely in poor conditions. I believe instead of just walking outside to the Circle and yelling at people, I’ll just write a letter to all of central Indiana instead.

Dear fellow Hoosier motorists,

I admire your courage and tenacity. I’ve never lived in an area with so many AWD and off-roading enthusiasts. I salute you Ms. Tahoe and your ability to drive in the snow… on your blue tooth with three screaming kids in the backseat. And you Mr. H2 and your ability to go faster while visibility dwindles…

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